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What does marmalade have to do with National Socialism?

Nothing at first glance, but a lot in the context of the Reichenau labour education camp. Some of the prisoners there were ordered to clean up Pradl after the first bombing raid in December 1943. The starving prisoners discovered food in a damaged house. They were observed eating bread and jam.
This was reported to the camp commandant. During the evening search in the camp, a jar of jam was found. Seven men were then taken away, abused and interrogated.
The following day, they were hanged in the Reichenau camp for „looting“.

Cyrill Schmutz (29 years old), Silvio Orsinger (20 years old), Yuri Filipovich (17 years old), Peter Vetrov (18 years old), Leoni Silvam (31 years old), Giusep Di Patena (28 years old) and Ivan Semanachenko (17 years old)

We bear responsibility for our history, both that of the perpetrators and that of the victims. It is our duty to stand up for a future that is guided by the values of justice and humanity.

Source: ©Stadtarchiv Innsbruck