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What does culture have to do with National Socialism?

Culture and popular culture had an important function for the Nazi regime. In line with Nazi ideology, it was intended to provide orientation and promote a sense of belonging.
The local Nazi policy financed rifle companies, traditional groups and traditional costume festivals in order to shape an image of the supposedly original defenceless peasant and mountain people.
The traditional costume expert and National Socialist Gertrud Pesendorfer played an important role. After the „Anschluss“ in 1938, she was declared „Reich Trachten Commissioner“. In the course of her work, she endeavoured to „renew“ the dirndl and other aspects of folk culture in line with Nazi ideology. She designed a dirndl with features that are considered typical of the dirndl today, such as an emphasised waist, short sleeves and a low neckline.
After the end of the Nazi regime, she continued her career and remained a formative figure in Tyrolean traditional costume.

We bear responsibility for our cultural heritage and also for the current values and ideas that we represent.